I am Susie Hilton, I’m looking to get into the edible business
I already make everything my own gummies,cakes,cupcakes even cannolis just trying to go legit thanks in advance
Let me know if you need isolate or distillate or crude. We also concentrate on minors as well
This is a post for everyone wanting to work in the industry. The only jobs your going to get is trimming and dispo jobs. Why? Because 90% of the industry is mom and pop operations who sunk all their money into starting the business. Where’s the money to pay you at? Especially since omma guidelines are changing daily. Well couldn’t I just work for free or volunteer to learn? Not exactly… if you don’t know the person personally for many years, why would they trust a rando with everything on the line? They won’t… You want to know how to become a grower? Start at a dispo and get to know the growers who bring their product in personally. Culture a relationship with someone. Casually mention you want to move into growing or processing or whatever… but don’t hound them… This would be my advice for getting further into the industry…